Minera Orthodontics in Warrenton (formerly Miller Orthodontics)

In 2021, Drs. Bob and Juliana Miller decided to focus full-time on their practice in Park City Utah, and sold their Warrenton practice to their friend, colleague, and longtime team member Dr. Minera! While the name has changed, you can still count on the same family-minded, fun, high-quality experience, and you’ll still see all of the familiar faces!


Dr. Minera is the best!I’ve had my braces on for less than 5 months and my teeth are almost completely straightened, top and bottom! The braces are hardly noticeable and cause NO mouth pain. Her staff are also the very best, they are caring and always available to answer questions and helpful! Do not waste your time, dental benefits or money going any place else! Call Dr. Minera’s office and get a consultation- you’ll be glad you did. She and her staff have many options available to fit ALL of your dental needs!

Shawn L.

We were in town visiting friends and our daughters spring detached from here braces on Sunday. We called multiple orthodontists in the area and Dr Minera was the first to respond and was able to help us in a time of need. She was a life saver! So friendly and professional. Can’t thank her enough!

Lester A.

Dr Minera and her team went above and beyond for me! I had been having some issues with a new permanent retainer I received right before moving to Warrenton. I came in to Dr. Minera who saw me tried to fix my retainer, and when I had further issues over the weekend, she had me come in and totally replaced and resolved all the issues I had brought from another office. I was SO grateful to her and her staff. They eased all of my concerns and really gave me personalized care. I felt confident in their ability. They really went above and beyond for me!

Micah M.